Speaker Profiles

The Green Summit gathers some of the world’s top leaders in the green industry who work towards advancing sustainable development as a priority.

Our green experts are leading voices on sustainability and advocates for climate action. Their work demonstrates that governments alone cannot solve the climate crisis. From policy-making to science communication, technology, the food industry, design or renewable energy, these green experts are leading the way to create a world where sustainable development becomes the priority of businesses, scientists, artists and more. Their stories serve as calls

to action for young people to step up to protect our planet and our future generations. The Green Summit speakers champion sustainable development, conservation, policy-making, climate activism and more.


Sangmin Nam

Director, Environment and Development

United Nations ESCAP

Felipe Queipo

Communications Officer

UN Department of Global Communications

Andreas Schleicher

Director for Education and Skills

Economic Co-operation and Development

Vikas Garg

Founder & CEO


Cristian Fleming

Climate Activist & Designer

The Public Society, New York

Stephanie Dickson

Founder & CEO

Green Is The New Black

Talea Grootenhuis

Maastricht University, Netherlands

The fight against climate change is currently already being led by young people around the world, bravely taking to the streets and holding their governments and even their parents and grandparents accountable. The Green Summit provides a forum in which these brilliant young minds from across the globe can come together and coordinate their action, expand their network, and enhance their skills in being climate action leaders, to work collaboratively toward a better tomorrow.

If you are a young person that is passionate about climate action but are not exactly sure how you can contribute, attending the Green Summit will equip you with a set of skills, inspiration, and connections with likeminded people so that you come out with a clearer vision, determination, and practical toolbox to lead the change.