Payment Information

Bank Remittance

Please include your full name when you submit your wire transfer. This enables us to verify that you made the payment. If someone else is making the payment on your behalf, they must indicate your name on the bank remittance advice. You are responsible for paying for the bank charges from your bank. We are responsible for the fees incurred from our bank. We reserve the right to ask you to pay the outstanding amount in cash upon your arrival if you have not paid your bank’s fees at the time of your transfer.

Account Name:Humanitarian Affairs Asia
Account Number:130-7-47747-9
Bank AddressBangkok Bank Public Co. Ltd
Bangna Branch
2/2 Bangna Complex Building Bangna -Trad Road, Bangna Bangkok, Thailand

Through PayPal / TransferWise

If you choose to pay your registration fee through PayPal or TransferWise, you must pay the service provider’s additional transaction charges.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation and refund requests made before August will receive a 75% refund. Refund requests filed in September will be honoured with a 50% return of the registration fees.

If you file your refund request in October, you will be honoured with a 25% return on registration fees. Any refund request from and after November 1st cannot be honoured.

The refund amount is calculated based on the registration fee minus the VAT charges and bank charges.

Perlina Patel

Radboud University, Netherlands

At the Green Summit, young people will come together to discuss climate issues, and – no surprises here – any climate issue is a global issue. To this day, the Global North has had the luxury to point fingers at other actors and countries who might contribute most to the detriment of the planet’s health, but this is not fair or helpful at all.

By including young people from across the globe, the Green Summit will engage like-minded people to contribute and discuss the climate debates. Different cultures, backgrounds and traditions will unite to find solutions that can help save the world.

The fact that the Green Summit aims to attract young people is another reason why this Green Summit can become a success: in the end, we are the next generation that will have to deal with the issues and might decide the fate of the planet. We are the ones that can find solutions by learning from each other and thinking together of the next steps. Because in the end, there is no Planet B.