DECEMBER 13 to 16, 2022


There’s more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere now than at any other time in human history. Sea levels are rising at the fastest rate in 3,000 years. Half of the forests in the world have already been lost.

For years, we have failed to care for and to protect the world of our future generations because of our destructive actions that damage the environment. But there’s hope. We have a rare and short window of opportunity to rectify this. We can rebuild a better, more sustainable world and become more environmentally conscious citizens.

The onus is not just on governments to take action. Everybody must play his or her part. Everybody must take responsibility. The choices that we make today determine our future.

Young people are at the forefront of this change. Young people are offering innovative solutions to encourage faster, more decisive and effective climate change actions.

The Green Summit gives young people the tools and knowledge to succeed as champions for a greener world. Delegates will have the opportunity to listen from world-leading experts in sustainable development, learn how to create their sustainable projects, and network with like-minded individuals committed to the advancement of a healthier planet from all over the world. Delegates will leave empowered to take action and to instigate change.

There is no Planet B.

Natasha Godsiff

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

If climate change often seems a daunting problem to solve, young people can contribute to finding solutions. Youth are the future generation, and today, young people must shape the future they want. Their voices can motivate politicians, businesses and individuals to act. They can serve as role models for the next generation of environmentally-conscious citizens. All they need is own the power to create this change.

Are you ready to inspire and lead other young people around the world to contribute solutions to the urgent climate threat? If your answer is YES, join us! Be part of generation restoration to take climate action to the next level at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok.