Global Changemakers

The Humanitarian Affairs Asia Global Internship Program for Changemakers is our most sought-after program from among the organisation’s various youth empowerment programs.

Each year, the organisation receives more than 500 applicants from all over the world, of which only a handful of 12 to 15 young leaders are selected.

The program develops the essential life skills to succeed in the global world and enables our interns to gain competitive edge over their peers.

Our interns are tested in their Advocacy and Global Communication skills. They are often stretched in their resourcefulness and creativity to look for out-of-the-box solutions. Such challenges both empowered and developed the mental resilience of our interns to advance their Social Impact Global careers.

At Humanitarian Affairs Asia, we believe we must have the resolve to come together to do whatever we can with a sense of purpose, with whatever we have to build a better world for the human race.

We believe youth have limitless potential to do good despite lack of experience. Therefore, we nurture our interns and assign them responsibilities in shaping the world by engaging with our local and global stakeholders.

From bringing together hundreds of like-minded peers who want to build an

Inclusive World

At the University Scholars Leadership Symposium to sharing experiences in the development of peace efforts to champion peace through the Peace Summit of Emerging Leaders.

To inspiring young leaders in social responsibility to rebuild a more sustainable world at the Green Summit, our interns

empower global youth by working for a better humanity. Our interns are presented with multi-faceted learning opportunities to contribute towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17, Partnerships to achieve the Goal.

Our interns are challenged in their Advocacy and Global Communication skills.

Stretched in their resourcefulness and creativity to look for out-of-the-box solutions, and empowered to develop their mental resilience to overcome difficulties and advance their Social Impact Global careers.We are here to encourage your enthusiasm and unlock your potential to inspire engagement.

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