Speaker Profiles

The Global Peace Summit brings individuals and peace leaders in their rights, whose personal stories and experiences show what the path to peace should and can look like.

Our Peace Summit speakers have experienced childhood violence and torture, war trauma, violent extremism, genocide, terrorism and juvenile imprisonment. Their incredible journeys towards finding their paths, paths away from hate, and paths of peace serve as strength and hope to many. By sharing their learnings and reflections on peace, they invite young people to strive for cooperation and nonviolence to coexist peacefully amidst differences.


Zak Ebrahim

A Terrorist’s Son

WTC Bombing, USA

Sulaiman Khatib


Combatants for Peace, Palestine

Imrana Alhaji Buba


Youth Coalition Against Terrorism, Nigeria

Janice Leong

Regional Director

Humanitarian Affairs Asia

Ayik Chut Deng

Former Child Soldier

Red Army, South Sudan

Derek Schwartz

Former U.S. Marine

United States Army

Rahila Haidary



Tova Friedman

Holocaust Survivor


Cecillia Baek Hansen

Aarhust University, Denmark

Getting the opportunity to attend the 2nd Peace Summit of Emerging Leaders was something that quite frankly changed my life. I was finishing a bachelor’s degree in Art History and Visual Communication when I got offered the opportunity by a professor, who saw my passion for the subject. I have always been extremely interested in peacebuilding mechanisms and social change, but I did not believe that I had the means, knowledge and competencies to be able to pursue a life path and career that revolve around these themes. Neither did I believe that I would be able to make a difference in the world. But as I returned home after the conference, I found myself inspired to go in a completely different direction, and it was like a fire was lit inside me.

I found myself creating my own initiatives, participating in different case competitions and volunteering in different ways to help both my local, but also the global, community. And today I am studying for an MSc in Human Security, where peacebuilding is one of the cornerstones. My life had taken a turn I could have never predicted.

But the impact the Peace Summit had on me was evident already from the first day, as the setting of the summit allowed for both genuine connections with like-minded peers and first-hand teachings from incredible speakers, practitioners and professionals. It taught me that peace is not just the absence of war and conflict, it is so much more, and we can all have an impact on its fostering – especially when our efforts are combined.