A Future Together

One of the top global worries among the youths is climate change. Lacking the tools, knowledge and network to champion climate action frustrates them.

The deciding factors for whether humanity takes advantage of its potential to solve the climate crisis lies in our activism and our international unity. Young people bring the climate agenda to our political debate.

The Green Summit motivates youth to acquire a renewed sense of confidence in championing A Future Together. It aims to bring like-minded youths to one common platform to bring climate action to the next level.

The Green Day

is the highlight of the summit.

It is a day to get the delegates’ hands dirty. Learning and serving to achieve greener and more sustainable communities that respect and preserve nature, biodiversity and ecosystems. Indeed, it is a day of contribution and collaboration.

At Humanitarian Affairs Asia, we want to inspire Green Ambassadors from around the world to champion climate action at a global level.

Where young people can connect with their like-minded peers in person who share the same aspirations as them to overcome the climate crisis together and be part of the Generation Restoration.

We are already living with the human rights consequences of the climate crisis, from the flooding of communities to climate refugees. We must support communities on the frontline of the crisis, who have contributed the least to carbon emissions but are experiencing the consequences of it worst.

If you believe in creating solutions and pursuing a just transition to a clean, sustainable future, then apply for the Green Summit on December 13 to 16, 2022 at the United Nations Conference Centre, Bangkok, Thailand.

WE Motivate Young People from Around the World to be part

of Generation Restoration to

Champion Climate Action