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Any Undergraduates in a recognised college or university are eligible to apply to the Humanitarian Affairs, United Kingdom to start a Chapter in their institution.

As a Young Humanitarian, What Can I Do?
You will participate in a Humanitarian Affairs' Learning Journey Programme for children in poverty-stricken and disaster-prone countries. Some of our previous work includes providing soup kitchens, refurnishing village schools, setting up libraries, and educating children from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

How Do I Start a Chapter of Humanitarian Affairs?

First, Submit an Application to establish a Chapter
Next, Humanitarian Affairs, United Kingdom will contact you to schedule a telephone interview
Then, Humanitarian Affairs, United Kingdom will work with you to establish a Chapter in your College or University if your application is successful

What is Required of a Chapter of Humanitarian Affairs?

Recruit Students to be Young Humanitarians in your institution
Plan Outreach Programmes to benefit Communities
Initiate Fundraising Activities
Hold one community-based program quarterly
Submit Monthly Updates online about your Chapter Activities
Attend Annual Humanitarian Affairs' Meetings in different parts of the World

What Protocol Should I Observe?
Humanitarian Affairs Chapters are established only after an individual or group first applies to start a chapter. Then collaborate with the Secretariat to form the chapter. The Chapter becomes officially recognised after the office-bearer signs the Chapter Charter.

The name, logo and materials of Humanitarian Affairs are protected by copyright and trademark laws worldwide. The use of Humanitarian Affairs' name, logo and materials by an unauthorised person or group constitutes the infringement of our trademarks and copyrights, which carries the potential for serious legal consequences.

Licenses to those important intellectual properties are available only to groups that comply with our organisation's legitimate and appropriate requirements.