Touching Hearts, Changing Lives

All educational institutions, from high schools to institutes of higher learning, or any other educational organisations or groups can apply to participate in a "Learning Journey Experience" in less developed countries in any part of the world.

The programmes usually run for between 1 and 3 weeks. And each team consists of between 20 and 25 volunteers.

Just provide us with your requirements and we will prepare a draft programme and budget for your approval.

We will then assign a professional humanitarian officer to co-ordinate the logistical details and arrangements which include accommodation, inland transport, meals, safety considerations, etc.

A senior humanitarian affairs field officer will be present and available to receive your team upon your arrival at the airport and will accompany your team throughout your stay in the host country.

We will provide a one-day intensive training course before the team embarks on the learning journey experience. And then, to ensure that the progamme is a fully enriching experience for the team, we will conduct a nightly reflection session with your group.

Anyone can initiate their own learning journey programme. No specific skill set or qualifications are needed for this rewarding programme. So get together with your teachers, classmates and friends and start making a difference today.