Every Action Counts

Do you have a keen eye and the knowledge to differentiate between the different lightning required for indoor, outdoor, or action shots? Do you have the skills and experiences to bring life to a concept? Do you own a high definition professional video camera?

If you have all of these prerequisites and are willing to spend two weeks helping a good cause on the island resort of Bali, Indonesia, drop us an email.

Duties of the Volunteer Film Cameraman

Provide insights and advice on how to best capture a shot or make a shot work for the benefit of the audience
Be creative, innovative, experimental, and have the ability to plan shots down to the second
Prepare and choreograph scenes before the actual shoot
Study scripts to effectively plan for the shots to be taken
Have good timing in capturing important action, movements, or entire scenes
Record all the main events during the 7-day Symposium
Record all the behind-the-scenes programmes
Record the nightly debriefing sessions

Your stay in Bali, Indonesia from 28 July to 9 August 2012 will be sponsored by us. However, you will be responsible for your own travel to Bali.