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Angel Kitchen

The world's slums are growing with the number of people living in such dire conditions now at the 1 billion mark – making up 32 per cent of the global urban population, according to UN-HABITAT's new Global Report on Human Settlements.

That is a one in six member of the world's population. By 2030 this number will have doubled. Slum dwellers are usually a group of very poor and socially disadvantaged people inhabiting a heavily populated urban area.

Their homes are often informal settlements built with temporary or makeshift building materials. The low socioeconomic status of the dwellers often leads them into desperation and crime.

Although the concentration of slum dwellers is highest in African cities, in numbers alone, Asia accounts for some 60 per cent of the world's urban slum residents.

To effect positive Change among the Slum Dwellers living in Thailand; Humanitarian Affairs Asia has started a ' Angel Kitchen " project where we will undertake to distribute monthly groceries to those living in the slum areas in Chonburi District.

With more funding from the donors, we intend to implement similar scheme to benefit the many Slum dwellers in Manila, Philippines.

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