Safe Bottle Lamp Foundation, Sri Lanka Dr. Wijaya Godakumbura was one of Humanitarian Affairs, United Kingdom's Guest Speakers at the Pattaya Symposium in 2011. In spite of his hectic work schedule as a surgeon, Dr. Wijaya has devoted 18 years of his life to providing safe bottle lamps to the rural poor.

Many commercially available and home-made kerosene lamps are unsafe. These lamps are commonly used for heating and lighting homes without electricity by many poor families residing in rural villages around the world. These cheap, unsafe, but readily available kerosene lamps are the cause of many horrible home fires resulting in dreadful burns, disabilities, disfigurements, ghastly suffering, and even death.

Due to an urgent need for a straightforward and swift solution for this needless suffering, Dr Wijaya Godakumbura designed a simple and safe lamp that could be easily mass produced at low cost using recycled glass. His Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), The Safe Bottle Lamp Foundation, distributes these lamps for free to the poor.

His foundation had distributed over 800,000 of these 'Sudeepa' safe lamps to date. You too can help make a difference in the lives of the world's poor people who are at risk each and every day.

A 'Sudeepa' safe lamp costs 40 cents ($0.40 USD) to produce, but the beneficial effects this lamp has for the Global Poor is significant. You can supply one 'Sudeepa' safe lamp to a family's home in Sri Lanka for less than a single cup of coffee.

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