Doing Well by Doing Good

Cause Related Marketing (CRM) can be described as a strategic positioning and marketing tool which links a company or brand to a relevant social cause or issue for mutual benefit.

It is a strategic corporate marketing activity – a way for a company to do well by doing good deeds. Although it is distinctly different from sales promotions, corporate philanthropy, sponsorships, corporate good Samaritan activities, and public relations, CRM is often a combination of all such activities.

In addition, CRM plays a pivotal role in attracting today's increasingly demanding and hard-to-please consumers who are influenced by a company's proven commitment to worthy causes.

Consumers these days prefer a brand that stands for something beyond immediate profits alone. And with CRM as part of your company's strategic planning, you can ambitiously look forward to increased sales, additional visibility within the community, a higher degree of consumer loyalty, an enhanced company image, and positive media coverage.

Humanitarian Affairs will be available to help you at every stage of your CRM projects by sharing our experiences and findings with you so that you can fine tune your strategy and glean the maximum benefits out of your CRM activities.