Happy Wheel

A bicycle is more than just a mode of transportation. In some poor countries and communities, it can be a life changing tool, providing wheels for people to get to and from work or school.

In many rural communities around the world, a bicycle can make all the difference. Riding a bike is four-times faster than walking and is perhaps the only practical transportation choice for millions of poor children. Improved mobility is a key to reducing poverty. A bicycle just might take a person from poverty to prosperity.

Simple and affordable, a bicycle cuts travel time to a fraction, whether for carrying passengers or heavy loads. The pedal-powered vehicle can give families extra time to earn, learn and enjoy life. To most children, the joy of owning something as simple as a bicycle brings a smile to their faces.

It is Humanitarian Affairs' hope to provide bicycles for poor children in Myanmar. Better transportation is a boon for poor children who otherwise must walk several miles each day just to attend school. Extended travel time to and from school is a burden which can cripple a family by hampering both work and educational opportunities.

The Happy Wheel project aims to distribute 5,000 bicycles to the underprivileged children in remote areas of Myanmar.

Be a Donor and help us touch the lives of 5,000 poor families. Contribute USD $100.00 to buy a bicycle for a poor family in Myanmar.

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