Humanitarian Affairs United Kingdom

Connecting People with Communities in Need

Around the World, one out of every six people struggles to survive on less than $1 USD per day. Such extreme poverty robs people of their fundamental human rights, contributes to the spread of preventable diseases, keeps children out of school, and in its most insidious form, kills the most needy, underprivileged and vulnerable members of our species.

For the first time in history, we have the knowledge and the resources to end global poverty. But reducing the growing disparity between rich and poor will take a coordinated global effort of families, communities, businesses, and governments.

Young people can and must play a key role in building this partnership for a better world. But while many young people are concerned about the world's poor, most don't know how they can make a difference. That's where Humanitarian Affairs comes into the picture.

We connect you to the World's Most Vulnerable Communities in Need. And most importantly, we guide and teach you to develop sustainable development programmes for them.