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The club / society shall be called the Humanitarian Affairs, ( Name of University ).

The objectives of Humanitarian Affairs are to provide college and university students with the opportunity to engage in humanitarian service, strengthen their awareness of diverse cultures, and develop a lifelong commitment to helping others by participating in relief efforts to benefit impoverished communities throughout the world.

Humanitarian Affairs (HA) Membership shall be open to all Undergraduates or Graduate Students of accredited colleges and universities. The HA Student Council shall verify that candidates are actually students of the college or university when registering new members. When a fee for membership is charged, the fee for a Graduate Student shall be priced higher than for an Undergraduate Student.

Officer Bearers
The HA Student Council shall be members of the Humanitarian Affairs club at the time of election, and shall consist of the following Executive Board positions: President, Vice-President (External Affairs), Vice-President (Special Events), Vice-President (Fund-Raising), Secretary, and Treasurer. In addition to the Executive Board, the HA Student Council shall consist of 4 to 6 Committee Members serving as part of the HA Student Council. The number of committee members shall be fixed as the Executive Board deems necessary.

Executive Board members shall hold office for a two-year term and shall be elected by a separate vote from amongst general members at the Annual General Meeting.

All Office-Bearers of the HA Student Council shall be current students of the university. An office-bearer shall be eligible for re-election provided that the candidate is currently a bona fide member of HA and is a currently enrolled student in the university.

The Humanitarian Affairs club / society records shall be kept by the Secretary of the Student Council and made available for inspection by any member of the club or by the Humanitarian Affairs, United Kingdom if so required. These records will include minutes of any meetings, minutes of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the Annual Report.

The club shall make available all pertinent detailsĀ of their office-bearers and a current membership roster to all its members. Full details of all Officer-Bearers will be recorded on 'Officer-Bearer Sheets' provided by the HA Student Council, and current membership lists shall be maintained, including details of membership fees paid (if any).

All these records are to be submitted to Humanitarian Affairs headquarters in London, United Kingdom. Any Club which fails to submit an annual report will have its affiliation revoked.

The HA at the College/University shall be governed by a duly elected Student Council and shall be endorsed by Humanitarian Affairs, United Kingdom. The HA Student Council shall have powers to choose not more than two members.

The HA Student Council shall hold office for a two-year term and shall meet not less than twice in every term. Humanitarian Affairs, United Kingdom shall have the power to remove any elected office-bearer deemed unsuitable.

Dismissed, Abandoned or Relinquished Posts
Office-bearers shall vacate their posts immediately upon resignation or upon dismissal from the HA Student Council or dismissal by Humanitarian Affairs, United Kingdom.

The HA Student Council shall have the power to appoint any members to fill existing vacant positions in the HA Student Council. All those appointed to such vacancies shall be current students of the college/university and registered members of Humanitarian Affairs.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held within the first four weeks of the third term of session. Not less than fourteen business day's notice of the AGM shall be given by being displayed throughout the period on the relevant college/university notice boards and by email notices sent to all members. HA members who are not current students of the University do not have voting rights.

General Meetings can be called at the discretion of it members by a written request of not less than six members of the club or at the direction of the HA Student Council. Notice of not less than three days, excluding weekends and public holidays, shall be given.

A list of activities shall be submitted to Humanitarian Affairs, United Kingdom by the beginning of each new semester. Failing to do so may result in the revocation of the club's affiliation with Humanitarian Affairs, United Kingdom, unless an extension has been obtained from Humanitarian Affairs, United Kingdom.

Right of Appeal
Any member shall have the right of appeal to the HA Student Council regarding any claims of unfair treatment.

Humanitarian Affairs Constitution
The club shall be governed by the appropriate clauses of the Humanitarian Affairs Constitution. For any matter not covered by this Constitution, the HA Student Council will use its discretion to reconcile at a formal meeting.

Amendment of the Constitution
This constitution may be amended or altered only by a resolution supported by two-thirds of the members at a general meeting, provided that no alteration shall contravene any part of the Humanitarian Affairs Objectives. Each amendment and alteration becomes valid only after approval by Humanitarian Affairs, United Kingdom.