Doing Good while Having Fun

Each one of us has the inclination to do something really worthwhile, to give something back to society. But there are many hurdles along the way: scarcity of time, lack of extra money, and most of all, managing all the details involved. Wouldn't it be great if someone could take the hassle out of community service and just leave you with the satisfying feeling of having done something life-changing for others less fortunate?

The Humanitarian Affairs Employee Engagement Programme is specially designed to guide business people through the often unfamiliar territory of volunteer community service. Backed by our planning expertise and with our vast network of partners, we customise programmes to suit the needs and interests of employees within your organisation.

The programme consists of 5-7 hours each day that are packed with activities such as painting, dancing, singing, etc. In each activity, a volunteer is assigned a specific number of children to supervise and interact with.

We prepare, coordinate and execute all aspects of the project. The programme is designed to be both a fun and a rewarding experience for the volunteers and the children.

The Employee Engagement Programme aims to make a pleasurable and results-oriented social contribution to less fortunate families in underprivileged communities.