Enriching Minds, Nurturing Hearts

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is integral to long-term business success. Today's organisations must be increasingly mindful of the impact that their operations have on society at large, and this requires much more than isolated measures.

In a climate of heightened social awareness and instant access to information, CSR must be a fundamental part of any company's targeted practices, broad objectives, and overall culture.

Corporate Social Responsibility benefits both society and business. Managing a business offers ample opportunities to make a difference in the community – from diverse health and wellbeing programmes to green business practices and good corporate citizenship.

Making a difference can provide more than just a "feel good" experience for you and your team. A commitment to values can help improve the reputation of a business, increase employee loyalty, and boost productivity. In other words, it is possible to turn socially responsible entrepreneurship into a competitive advantage.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Programme engages companies to develop sustainable programmes for the Global Poor. Your company can partner with us to serve the needs of the poor by promoting positive change.

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